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AES Global Limited is a provider of a wide range of Time Code Reader/Generators, Clocks and Countdown Timers, Technical Furniture and Playout Solutions.

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Time Code devices supplied by ESE

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Consoles supplied by LundHalsey

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Used Equipment

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Product Description

- ES 185E SMPTE/EBU Generator
- ANT High performance antenna
- J 220 Volt / 50 Hz Operation

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Product Description

- ES 185E Master Clock - GPS
- ANT High performance antenna
- BBU Battery back-up
- J 220 Volt / 50 Hz Operation
- K 10 MHz and 1 KPPS outputs
- HR Hr & 1/2 Hr Relay Closure

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Product Description

Imagestore 750 1RU HD/SD master control switching & channel branding graphics processor. Integral still and animation store capacity for HD/SD images (512Mb), 4 keying layers, dual external fill and key inputs, C & D inputs to feed DVE and for future expansion, dual redundant PSU.
• IS-750-ET - Easytext
• IS-750-CLOCK - Bugclock
• IS-750-MEM-2GB - 2 GB of Animation Playout Memory
• IS-750-HDD - Internal media storage hard disk drive kit
• IS-750-DVE - Single Channel DVE
• Vx-App-DeviceLicense-D - Individual Device License
• IS-750-AUDIO16-75 - 4GRP EMB 16 AES in & out, includes ABT-32-32-D75
• IS-750-EP8 - Easyplay Eight Channels
• IS-750-DOLBY-CARRIER-BOARD - Dolby carrier card for IS-750, without Dolby modules. Supports up to 4 Dolby / Upmix modules

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About AES Global Ltd.

Launched in 2018 AES Global has set it itself up as an international reseller of broadcast related products. Nicholas Ashley has over 40 years’ experience in the industry working for a wide range of manufacturers starting with DTL (Dynamic Technology Ltd) Vistek, For-A, Megahertz Systems, Pixel Power and Miranda (Now Grass Valley) With years of experience in Europe, Middle East and Africa and worked with a wide group of distributors, resellers and systems integrators across the region we are experience in reselling products into these regions and further afield if required. AES Global is the EMEA distributor for ESE Time code, clocks, displays, NTP servers and GPS products. Also for selling Lund Halsey technical furniture into Europe and Africa. On the Playout front working with Amagi for Cloud based solutions and with Easymedia for the low cost channel in a box solution. AES Global also has access to a wide range of new and second-hand equipment if required. Developing sales into other regions depending on the products, makes AES Global an agile and quick to adopt new ways of working and selling.